Saturday, December 11, 2010


He hates to be a man,
Because of some reasons,
Man will be unhappy,
Man has too many responsibilities,
Man's too busy with his handphone and facebook,
and has no time to flirt with his own lover,

He hates to be a man,
Because men are bitter and bald,
And their words are mean,
Unromantic, and Grinch,
And send sms or mms instead of kisses,
But hey, at least, he remember, he said.

But still, he hates to be a man,
He wants to be a boy,
Forever, like Peter Pan,
Even he gets older,
And look older,
And fatter.

He wants to be a boy,
And keep on smiling,
Playing with his toys,
Buying new shoes,
Not worrying about his life,
And enjoy it like the life of a great party.

Yes, he keeps saying,
"Age is just a number"
"Be a boy"
"Be someone you like"
"Date anyone who's cute".

He wants this and that,
He wants everything,
Nice house, nice car,
With closet full of clothes and shoes,
And expensive toys too,
But he needs to be a man,
Or at least act like one,
To have it all, he needs to be bitter,
Slave to world of working,
And make his family proud,
With nice job or killer business,
And buy his happiness with retails.

Yes, somehow he needs to be a man,
And, still have spirit of a boy inside,
He will be unhappy for sometime,
But still hoping for a bit of happiness,
In the years to come.

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