Thursday, July 27, 2017


Went on a date last day with my signification other.
Went to PCB cause I want to check out some of those small street art there.
We stayed until night, cause there's a live Kelantanese folk music and something magical happens.
We sit nearby the beach and the stars appeared.
And this wasn't something I planned.

Posted on my facebook, a month or so, about me wanting to see the night of stars with someone I love and it happens organically.

Last night was SO AWESOME!

Sunday, July 23, 2017


You make all the bad choices became memories
You make me happy, J.
Like really, really happy.

Thursday, July 20, 2017


My businesses are getting great and finally got approved as an official dealer for my favorite toy brand.

Been dipping into a lifestyle as a modern farmer, went from size 36 to 28, am a vegan now, proud parent of some animals (cats and I even have some chickens and ducks! Hoping to get some lambs and maybe a horse?) 

and finally I am officially dating someone!

Konon nak lari dari jodoh dengan orang Kelantan, sekali baru tahu my significant other pun orang Kelantan.

Dia cikgu dan dia suka tease me about the loves of chicken even am a Vegan. haha.

But that Kelantanese really make me happy.

No dramas, no lies just a simple person who's not complicated.

I am happy and that person makes me want to realize my dream to be a modern farmer on a larger scale.

And am saving up for something that I really want for the longest that I could remember.

I want to be a dad with my partner. 


Monday, July 3, 2017

7 Tahun

Akhirnya cerita selama 7 tahun dah habis, walaupun dihabiskan dengan penamat yang buruk, tapi satu yang boleh saya belajar dari Wonder Woman dan Captain America (dua adiwira yang paling saya suka), kita kena kuat dan belajar untuk lepaskan benda yang lepas.